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Honda - iam1234 - 04-30-2011 11:40 PM

I have a '97 CRV with an Automatic transmission, AWD, and ABS with 81,000 miles on it(130,000km). I am the second owner and the warranty was finished at 60,000 miles. I have an ABS light that has been on more than off, but it does not seem to have any concrete reason for doing so. I know this system does not affect the normal braking system in the event of a fault.
Here goes:
Sometimes when just barely rolling to a stop (minimal brake pressure), the ABS feels like it is attempting to actuate. The pedal lowers and pulses lightly as you hear a combination of groaning and clicking. The fluid is clean and full and I have verifed the tire size is factory and the pressure is equal. The connectors from all four WSS are clean and tight in the correct locations. None of the CV axles have any abnormal wear or play. I am going to attempt to retrieve the codes tonight if any remain stored.

In Addition, I also have the low harmonic noise experienced during tight left u-turns. On the site I found on a different thread that I may need to change a fluid. Is there any other service I should have done by now?

RE: Honda - abigaillozano - 09-10-2011 01:20 PM

You should have had your brakes and the sensors checked on your CR-V. I own a ridgeline and this issue has also happened to me. I think it's something with honda's ABS system acting funny when you don't get it serviced. I ended up replacing the ABS system with genuine honda truck parts which costs an arm and a leg! Have your CR-V checked ASAP!