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11-30-2011, 07:22 PM
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I got on my 98 yesterday to try and convince my friend Frank to sell his wrangler and get a car, so my 2-3 vtecs a week were used up instantly lol. But anyway, I raced my boys automatic v6 legend starting at 40. When I hit 5.5k in 2nd it sounded like normal, but when I hit 6k in 3rd and hit 4th it literally sounded like a turbo when I shifted. Frank actually asked me if it had a turbo and he works on jeeps all the time(not that hed know shet about a car though hahahaha). I played it cool but I felt like something wasnt seriously "spewed" like a turbo does..

The car has a 2.5" catback exhaust, v2 intake, aftermarket cams, and thats really it. Did I phuck somethin

I might post a video of it again but it might have to be a couple days Tongue

Thats also the only time Ive gotten on it that hard since Ive owned it (only a month) and its the first time I heard it.
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