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F22 Vtec Swap into The BB2. Need HELP!!
11-30-2011, 07:22 PM
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F22 Vtec Swap into The BB2. Need HELP!!
Heys guys whats up, To make this short, I have a 1992 Prelude Si, I am dropping in a F22b1 Vtec that came from a 94 Accord. MY MAIN PROBLEM is My Lude has OBD1 and The f22 has OBD2 (I think???). So The Wiring Harness from the F22 does not match my Ludes Harness Connections. Thats my over all problem that is stopping me from getting My baby up and running. So i do know that some of you guys on here have done the f22 vtec swap on the 4th gen lude. SOO PLEASE can some one help me out with this, what do i need to do, do i need a diff wiring harness for my engine, what kind of harness. Ohh and Before all of this my Lude had a h23, yeah yeah i know thats a HUGE downgrade but its all i can work with till i get a good paying job. Please guys Help me out here.
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