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Rear caliper line replacement (Car accident pic!)
11-30-2011, 07:22 PM
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Rear caliper line replacement (Car accident pic!)
I busted my rear passanger side break line, from the caliper to the first junction. There are 2 washers from the line to the caliper itself, one crush and one regular.

Would anyone know the order they go in? We can't get it to stop pissing out fluid.



Must've happened from slamming on the brakes so hard. This happens when you rear end a Honda Fit doing about 45-50mph, of course all she had was a cracked bumper. -.-

The frame is bent, but the damage stopped right before the header and power steering pump. The frame wont ever be straight again (radiator and headlight support), but the car runs just as it did. No problems. Byebye to the carbon hood (6 months old), new bumper and new beam I had gotten all within the year. A nice $900~ value. But, whatcha gonna do, **** happens.

I love the lude, but it's time for something a little newer. 05 wrx inbound. Smile

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