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A couple of problems with my car
12-01-2011, 03:18 AM
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A couple of problems with my car
When I bought my 98 Prelude last week, i thought that it wouldn't need much work done. I'm starting to find out that's not true.

Regarding the CEL i posted about last week, It turns out that the light was on since previous owner owner bought the car. He said that the dealer said it was the secondary O2 sensor and they wanted $800 to fix it so he decided just to live with it.

-I changed the oil last week and I mistakenly left the old O ring on. When I started the car up, oil started spraying all over the underside of the car. I fixed the extra O ring and topped off the oil. I checked the level later and it was slightly above the "Max" line. Today, i checked the oil again and its down to about halfway between the "min" and "max" lines. I knew these engines burned oil but i was under the assumption that it burned about 1 quart every 2.5k miles, not every 2.5 days. Where should I look for the leak in oil?

-When I start up the car when It's cold, the car idles about 1400rpm. When it's warmed up, it idles about 600rpm. Is that normal? If not, how would I go about fixing that?

-The sound my car makes is somewhat strange in low rpm. Instead of running smoothly, the sound will "dip down" a couple of times a second. It happens faster the higher the rpm is. What could be the cause? I'll try to take video and upload it later today.

-I haven't actually calculated it yet but my car seems to be getting low 20's for fuel economy. Any tips on improving that?
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