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12-01-2011, 03:18 AM
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So im always seeing the questions pop up like " I have engine A and tranny B" will this work? well I figured it was time we have a definitive list that shows all possible combos of these swaps. I want everyone to note this information isnt even mine although i did take my time to retype the information in a logical format. (google is an amazing thing) but anyways, heres the info I pirated :humble:

TARGET CAR (this is the car that the motor will go into)
92-96 Honda Prelude

H22A 92-96 *requires nothing.

F20B VTEC 97-01-
H22A-S 97-01- *ALL THREE require obd1 to obd2 wiring jumper harness
H22A 97-01-

97-01 Honda Prelude

H22A 92-96 * requires obd 1 to OBD2 wiring jumper harness and will NOT work with TYPE SH TRANSMISSION.

F20B 97-01-
H22A-S 97-01- *require nothing
H22A 97-01 -

As far as I know this list is mostly complete and accurate. the source website is JSA Motors - We specialize in low mileage Japanese JDM engines & transmissions imported from Japan. Honda engine swap guides for jdm honda engine swaps.
If anyone can fill anymore gaps here feel free to add onto my list. I dont see anything here about compatability of the SiR type prelude engine into the SH model prelude. But I hope this at least helps some people.:first:
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